Monday, March 8, 2010

...Week 9 (camtasia)...

Today, we learn about a new software that I never know before named camtasia studio. Camtasia studio is a screen video capture program that published by Tech smith.

The user defines the area of the screen or the window that is to
be captured before recording begins.

It is also possible to capture the entire screen area. We can also talk, and use a videocam. For interesting part for me, it also can be use to make some editing and organizing the video that we done.

To make it easier, we can import media such as document files and slideshow programs to make an interesting work by using camtsia studio.

During the processes we can add some phase we want to insert and
we also can cut some phase that we don't needed.

For this assignment, I did it with Mrs Yang. After trying and trying,
finally we successfully finished it. Here our project of
Camtasia Studio