Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...Week 4 (e-portfolio)...

This week, we are learn how to create our own e-portfolio. E-portfolio or electronic portfolio is a purposeful of collection of artifacts and reflections saved on CD,

disk or website that demonstrates how you have met the current established standards for teaching art.

The main objective to create a e-portfolio are to document of the progress over time, to develop skills in reflection and self-assessment,
to improve teaching practicesand many more.

Before we start create our own e-portfolio, we have to watch Christy Keeler's e-portfolio video and uploading google docs video to learn the basic information in create our own e-portfolio.

Its quite helpful for beginner like me.
So, we get the additional information before start doing our blog.

I'm also upload everything I did and learn during attend this class in whole semester. After all, here are my own e-portfolio.

Thanks to everyone that always help me in order to complete my e-portfolio.
Hope everyone like it.