Saturday, February 27, 2010

...Week 3 (Smartschool)...

Today, we learn about smartschool concept and its implementation in Malaysia. The smartschool initiative is one of the seven flagship application that are part of Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor project.

The Smartschool Program promotes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in basic education through partnerships with public schools, its officials and parents, teachers and also community associations.

Specifically, it aims to provide public school teachers with Internet access of communications solutions, access to online content and teacher training on ICT.

In my opinion, smartschool cannot be fully implement in Malaysia but we can make it slowly steps by steps. Of course its need a long time to make it reality.

We also have to consider about the costs, challenges and reflection from the students, teachers, parents and communities.

Here, I have upload some note of SMARTSCHOOL BLUEPRINT and SMARTSCHOOL ROADMAP for whom who want to know in details about these programs. Here also my group assignment of SMARTSCHOOL