Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...Week 7 (picasa)...

This week, we have an opportunity to learn how to use picasa and picasa web album in order to make a smart and beautiful collage and movie as well.

Picasa is a software that use to make editing and organizing digital photo.

There are many tools we can use for editing the photos including crop, retouch, straighten, fix red eye, auto colour and so on. Futhermore, we also can make movie presentation by using the edited photo.

Lastly, of course you can upload and export everywhere you want and share with your friends and families. I guaranty that everyone will excited with their own work with picasa.

Here, I also upload my finished and edited photo collage and movie presentation. For my photo collage, I use variety pictures of orchids because of their beautifullness.

Whereas for movie presentation I prefer to do with my photos of my sweet family during vacation last year.

...My PhotoCollage...

..My Movie SlideShow...